Monday, April 19, 2010

New year, new bike.

I just traded off my love, my 1976 Honda CB360T, my 1978 CB400A, the exhaust from my 74 CB550 Four and many years of collected cans, to purchase a 1999 Harley 1200C sportster. I really hope I made the right decision as this bike brings forth quite a different riding style, many increased horsies and an extremely clashing culture from the vintage bike world. I feel traitorous to my first love. However, being stranded on the side of the interstate with oil under my nails got the best of me. I broke down and bounced from the idea of the new Bonneville to the Triumph Thruxton and then way off to the land of "Harley." Nothing fell easily into place with the Triumphs and the never ending need for repair rumors really worried me. I really do hope that I have made the right choice for a new bigger bike.
On the sportster today....